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Syn Oss Unique Form of the granules mimics the macro-structure of bone. The pores of this matrix material connect one to another to form continuos uniform channels with no dead ends.
The interconnected pores provide optimal permeability that encourages angiogenesis and deposition of new bone.

Syn Oss the supersafe / predictable bone regenerator
Pure phase Beta tricalcium Phosphate
Bio Compatible
No risk of disease transmission
No immunogenic reactions

Syn Oss Synthesised from highly pure chemical raw materials and exposed to temperatures of over 1000 C during production this safetly excludes all risk of infection.

Physiologic pH value
Does not influence the physiological Ph value of tissues in the implanted area

Shelf life +++
No chemical changes or degradation if stored in dry room temperature

Fully Degradable
The speed of degradation of Syn Oss = Rate of bone formation Degrades fully within 6 - 12 months, depending upon regeneration dynamics of the patient.

Syn Oss is indicated for filling of mostly non-stressed, multiple bone defects of the skeleton. The augmentation site should be free of inflamation, soft tissue, granulation tissue & infection. Indications include :

Post extraction ridge preservation
Periodontal bone defects
Ridge augmentation
Bone defects after removal of cysts
Bone defects after removal of impacted teeth
Sinus floor elevation surgery
Peri implant defects
Defects after harvesting autogenous bone

Syn Oss
Bone Substitute thats Osteopromotive
Sizes 300 - 600 µ medium a small defects.
600 - 1000 µ large defects and sinus
elevation surgery
Pkg 0.5gm, 1.5gms
Specific surface area of bone substitute
material (m /g) for Synoss 1.5 m /g

Syn Oss
Meets purity requirements for bioceramics
of the American Standard ASTM F 1088-87.

Syn Oss
Produced by a special sintering process
resulting in optimal particle size and porosity.

Syn Oss
When used with autogenous bone 50:50
the biomechanical stability of the bone
site is guaranteed by the additional inductive
property of autogenous bone.
Can be used with PRP with excellent results.

Syn Oss when moist the granules adhere facilitating placement. Use either autogenous blood from surgical site or sterile isotonic saline solution.

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