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Regeneration materials was made the companys new focus.
Research was focused on creating a product that would try to match and even if possible surpass what is readily available in the market. The researchers and scientists looked into with great detail on physiology, anatomy and metabolism of bone , going through all research available from as long back as the 1980's. Simultaneously the companys own research progressed.

Years of research paid off well, after the first few clinical trials the results spoke for themselves. It was obvious now that more attention had to be given to perfect a material that was already performing above expectations.

Regenics was created, aiming, one day to pioneer in regeneration materials. From all the experience gained and results seen we were quite sure that even though it being a difficult task, it was acheivable.

Syn Oss and later Xen Oss became the companies pioneer products, research and all attention was thus focused on these. We are here to help you, help you grow. Biomimics is a difficult thing to attain perfection in, in simple words, nature is our guide and trying to fill in on its short comings is our goal.